1. thedarkhare:

    Louboutin fetish point shoes photographed by David Lynch.

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  4. thebristolboard:

    Original Krazy Kat painting by George Herriman, 1932.

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  5. awordoraline:


    Little Richard being completely serious (x)

    That’s David Johansen from the New York Dolls with him!

    It’s Little Richard’s rock n roll, we just play it.

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  6. wataridoki:

    Sonic Youth - Shadow Of A Doubt

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  7. Puce Moment (dir. Kenneth Anger — 1949)

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  9. Erotica


  10. eyetunz:

    Leonard Cohen

    "Love Calls You by Your Name" [1971]

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  12. inaclearing:

    from Qatar, by Tommy Forbes

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    Beb Souika, Tunis - Tunisia

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  15. Philip-Lorca diCorcia

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