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    from Qatar, by Tommy Forbes

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    Beb Souika, Tunis - Tunisia

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  5. Philip-Lorca diCorcia

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  6. Whatever happened to, twin sets
    Whatever happened to, hi-fi
    Whatever happened to, TV sex
    Whatever happened to, you and I

    Your passion is a product
    (of) highlight and detail
    That come hither look
    Bonus offer retail

    Whatever happened to, pick-up trucks
    Whatever happened to, yellow pages
    Whatever happened to, burning books
    Whatever happened to, new ages

    Your emotions are cheap
    Cut price cash and carry
    Your heart on your sleeve
    For any Tom, Dick or Harry

    Your love is a cashed-in check
    Oh oh that’s the way of all flesh

    Whatever happened to, Chairman Mao
    Whatever happened to, God above
    Whatever happened to, the cow
    Whatever happened to, plug-in love

    Your pasteurized life so fit for consumption
    Ooh those undressing eyes so strictly commercial

    Your love is a cashed-in check
    Oh oh that’s the way of all flesh
    All flesh
    All flesh

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    "The critics and the public wanted the pathos of M. Hulot’s Holiday and Mon oncle. They got Playtime, a comedy entirely devoted to space, in which Tati, as Hulot, hovers at the periphery of his own creation and has the elegance, which very few comedians share, not to put the spotlight on his own mug. The public and the critics turned against Tati. They were of course wrong, and the film is one of those few that get better by the year. It’s a silent film with sound; its color scheme is in a narrow band between gray and blue that aggressively underscores the painterly logic of Tati’s conceit. The film gives itself the luxury to reinvent choreography and as such dazzles with the megalomania of its enterprise and the diabolical precision the filmmaker had to conjure up to pull it off.”

    — Jean-Pierre Gorin on Tati’s Playtime 

    Still from Playtime (1967, dir. Jacques Tati)

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    If you’ve never watched Little Shop of Horrors with subtitles, you’re missing out.

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    viceofknivesL’éden et Après  AKA Eden and After  (Alain Robbe-Grillet)

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    t. rex // deborah 

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    “True character is revealed in the choices a human being makes under pressure - the greater the pressure, the deeper the revelation, the truer the choice to the character’s essential nature. But this? Using scissors to cut off the tip of a slice of pizza? I don’t know what this is. ”

    ― Robert McKeeStory: Substance, Structure, Style and the Principles of Screenwriting

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    The Fall - Tempo House (1983)

    Jesus Christ in reverse

    I tell ya, the Dutch are weeping

    In four languages at least

    Hooray, Hooray!

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    From 1984, here’s a record pairing Funkadelic’s Bootsy Collins with the Talking Heads/Tom Tom Club’s Jerry Harrison.  It was a hip-hop/breakdance/turntable vibe, but with some seriously funky basslines courtesy of Bootsy, and samples of Ronald Reagan.  Released on Sleeping Bag Records.

    Download it here!

    Ah yeah, funky basslines + Reagan samples = pure gold
    Easily TBD approved listening material!


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    Cocteau Twins - Heaven or Las Vegas (1990)

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    The Minutemen